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Are you receiving daily, sometimes even hourly, reminders of your debt? While it may seem as if the harassment from creditors will never end, bankruptcy offers a way to stop it. Learn more about filing bankruptcy and putting a stop to the harassing phone calls and demanding collection notices.

Since 1976, the Bourey Law Offices has protected the rights of consumers. With knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and bankruptcy law, we seek legal solutions to put an end to creditor harassment. Contact our Decatur, Illinois, law firm to arrange a free consultation to learn more.

Automatic Stay

The automatic stay is a powerful tool for consumers who are being harassed by creditors. When our bankruptcy attorney, Andrew Bourey, petitions the court for bankruptcy on your behalf, the court will issue an automatic stay.

The automatic stay provides immediate relief from creditor harassment. Once it is in place, creditors are prohibited by law from attempting to contact you to collect a debt. This means the phone calls and letters from creditors, wage garnishment, foreclosure actions and vehicle repossession proceedings will stop.

If you do receive phone calls from debt collectors, you can direct them to call our law firm. It is against the law for them to continue contacting you in an attempt to collect the debt.

To many people living with the stress of creditor harassment, the automatic stay lifts the weight off their shoulders. Debt can be eliminated, and you can obtain a fresh start through bankruptcy.

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