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If you are experiencing bankruptcy and divorce simultaneously, you are not alone. Bankruptcy and divorce often occur at the same time. Sometimes the financial strain that compels someone to file bankruptcy is a driving force in the breakdown of a marriage. Other times, the divorce may have contributed to the financial problems.

Whatever your situation, the Bourey Law Offices can assist you. Since 1976, we have provided timely, honest and straightforward counsel to bankruptcy and divorce clients. With knowledge in both areas of law, we seek workable legal solutions that place our clients on solid footing moving forward. Contact our Decatur, Illinois, law firm to arrange a free consultation to learn more.

Filing Bankruptcy Does Not Exclude You From Divorce Settlement Responsibilities

When an individual files bankruptcy, he or she will continue to be held responsible for child support, spousal maintenance and property settlement agreements. Child support and spousal support obligations cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and divorce attorney Andrew Bourey understands that bankruptcy can complicate divorce, and divorce can complicate bankruptcy. He can assist you in determining the appropriate timeline for engaging in either process. Each client’s situation will differ from the next, and attorney Bourey takes the time to understand your specific circumstances. Through careful planning, attorney Bourey can help you decide which of the following options suits your situation:

  • File Chapter 7 bankruptcy prior to filing for divorce
  • File Chapter 13 bankruptcy prior to filing for divorce; one spouse will make Chapter 13 payments after the divorce
  • File and finalize the divorce; one spouse will then file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are considering bankruptcy and divorce, seek help from an attorney who has experience in both types of law and can effectively advocate on your behalf.

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